How it Works

the Process

Taking the Guess Work

out of gardening.

Soil Test
We engage Atom Earth to perform a comprehensive soil test to determine the physical, chemical & biological heath of your soil
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We discuss any specific issues you may be having with your garden.
/ 2
We write a precise nutrient management plan for 'your' garden
/ 3
We weigh & blend the precise nutrients required for your program & deliver them to you
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We teach you to apply your blends or perform the application for you
/ 5
We revisit every month with your blends and re-test your soil when required.
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Safe for the environementgroundwater leaching is minimsed, hebercide and water use are reduced

Effective optimum growthensuring your plants can uptake precisely the nutrients they requrie

Cheap & Easydelivered to youonly what you need in re-fillable buckets. No more expensive, wasteful packaging

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Why it works

the Science (in brief)

Plants take up most nutrients in solution (dissolved in soil water). Nutrients in solution are 'ions' with a positive or negative charge. The balance of these charges determine which nutrients are taken up by the plant and which ones are 'locked out'. If you don't know the nutrient ratios of your soil you don't know if the fertiliser you apply (organic or inorganic) will be utilised by your plants. Your plants may be missing out on essential nutrients for healthy growth even though they were present in the product you applied. Those nutrients not utilised, leach through the soil into groundwater. The result..you've done more harm than good, wasted your time and your money!


The RIGHT products, in the RIGHT quantities, in the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time.


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